Alloy Lantern is the second boss of Darius II and the first one that can hold another batleship inside of her body. It is shaped after a anglerfish.

Darius Odissey Guidebook Bio

  • Name: Alloy Lantern (Japanese Name: Strong Lights)
  • Motif: Atlantic Balloonfish
  • Type: Large Transport Ship
  • Size: 823.4 feet
  • Zone: B (Mercury's Surface), C (Mercury's Surface)
  • Weapon: Rapid Fire Laser Cannon (Jaw), etc.

Its is a transport ship made with motifs, firepower is not so high. In the body there is a hanger capable of storing general-purpose battleships and can be replaced as a front-line base.


Darius II

Alloy Lantern will only show it's frontal part, remaining stationed at the right corner of the screen. It only has two attacks: shooting bullets from the lantern and shooting a laser from the mouth. The lantern will be constantly swinging, protecting the mouth which is the weak spot. There is a samrt bomb below it's mouth, but it can only be activated when Alloy lantern open the mouth to attack. After you defeat it, you'll invade Alloy Lantern's interior to fight either Killer Higia or Steel Spin depending on which zone you're on.

Super Darius & Super Darius II

Alloy Lantern is not so easier as the original, but is still easy. Her lantern has not the automatic gun, but after a certain time, attracts some destroyable missiles from the left side to make a powerful but avoidable spread shot (the initial part of this attack can be avoided by staying slightly above the horizontal half of the screen). The lantern can be destroyed to make things easier for you, however the lantern takes as many hits (or more) than the boss itself. On Super Darius II, destroying the lantern is not optional if you want to get rid of him.

Sagaia (megadrive)

The fight will be the same as in Darius II, except you wont enter into its body to fight Killer Hijia/Steel Spin. To compensate for that the bullets its lure shoots explode into many bullets when shot down by your gunfire, also the speed of its mouth lasers seems to have increased slightly.