Ancient Barrage is a boss from Dariusburst: Another Chronicle

Info translated by Farhangustama:

Shape similar to the flagship of the hawksbill turtle. In the assault ship that specializes in defense capability and the amount of armament carried, that is used to destroy targets such as carpet bombing, of a strategic base.

On the inside of the outer shell strong that is packed with weapons of various types, alone has been confirmed, with mode shelling laser, mode ammunition usually, energy field mode, burst mode, the mode bombing, selected according to the situation is made.

As equipped with distinctive energy field using burst institutions and the like. This equipment made ​​it possible to make a counter bombardment by shelling Tamekomi the subspace from the enemy, to be amplified.

But ponderous movement, by the height and Armament Tsukaiwake of defense capability, say less troublesome flagship weakness.



Ancient Barrage is one the Several bosses in Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours so that can be play the King Fossil's Boss Scene 1 theme from Original Darius, example: at "Komburira Zone Gamma" ([1] 21:30 to 23:13)