Much of the text and research for this article was provided by User:Tar-Palantir, original on HUGE DARIUS BATTLESHIPS the website

Curious Chandelier is one of the finalbosses from Darius Gaiden. It is shaped after a shrimp jellyfish.


Curious Chandelier is a sort of three-tiered boss, with lethality that increases as you go up. He first fires some rather desultory chaingun fire in straight lines from the middle tier of thingies to warm up. His eye then sends out a crosshair towards you, and he then fires exploding shots at you. The classical way to avoid this is simply to move ahead of it (as you can see above) and get a nice arc of fireballs. You don't need to move so extensively, however. The Eye, understandably, isn't too happy that you withstood this attack, so now, he fires a purple beam at you, which can again be avoided the same way. Since it's a continuous beam, you will have to move across the screen and over his head. The second tier of thingies then fire ricoche lasers. Whee. This loops around for a while.

Eventually, when our dear friend is pissed enough and has taken his share of damage, his lowest tier (which was harmless except as a physical hindrance) blows off (instead of being merely jettisoned, thank God) and thingies above them try to RAM you! Watch out! They are, of course, destructible. It's the first few rams that are dangerous. After you've blown a few off, the attacks become more manageable, until they're all gone. He then uses another stock attack, the attack of Summon Thingy. His are little toothed wheels which shoot out needle lasers. They're not the nastiest in the world, but are large in number and don't blow up at the first shot.

He then fires a rather pedestrian three-bullet stream. Not bad, until the crosshair comes out again. This time you lack the space to fly across his head and make a nice arc of explosions. A vague circular motion, or judicious weaving will have to do here. When he's realised this won't do, Curious Chandelier unleashes his second truly evil attack. It begins with the purple beam he used before, but then dig this: immediately after these are fired, he fires a sweeping beam that travels in the direction opposite to which he fired the previous beams. So if you moved clockwise to avoid the first beams, this one will take you from behind if you don't move back too quickly. You're likely to get sandwiched between beams here. He then fires some more thingies and cycles.


If you take the route (ABEINTZ) you will get a bad ending that will result of the destruction of the Planet Darius.