The first Darius game has been released in many Mobile cell phone markets over the years. Most versions are noted for basically being re-releases of Darius Plus. Due to the nature of the releases, and lack of information it is hard to find information on these releases.

List of GamesEdit

Darius GateEdit


This image was taken from Nokia Power

"Darius Gate" was a game for mobile phones (100K version [1]) developed by Bothtec for Taito. The release of the game was on June 3rd, 2004. [2] [3] It appears to be a port of Darius Plus.

Darius Boss RushEdit

"Darius Boss Rush", which was also developed by Bothtec for Taito, came out on October 27th, 2004. [4]

Darius EXEdit

"Darius DX" was the 256K version, which was also released in 2004. [5]

DARIUS 完全版Edit

"Darius 完全版" (meaning "Darius full version") is the DoCoMo 900i and 901i mobile models. [6] Released in 2005.

Darius (2007)Edit

"Darius" is another port that shortens all 26 levels. It was released in 2007 by Taito. [7]

Darius WideEdit

"Darius Wide" sets up the game as played in the arcade using three standard screens wide display. Seen on Taito's website in 2008. [8]

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List of Darius Games for sale by (Japan)



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