Darius Bydo
G-Type Mother Bydo 1
Related To Bio Strong
Fossil Golem (Darius Bydo Spawn)
Twin Metalshell Death Core (Darius Bydo Spawn)
Lizard Sword (Darius Bydo Spawn)
Tetran Mist (Darius Bydo Spawn)
Appears In G-Type
Based On Embryo

Much of the text and research for this article was provided by Doc Lithius, on Gradius Wiki and copied with kind permission from Doc Lithius. This page only serves to cover content from the game related to the Darius Series. For additional information on the game, such as other bosses, please go to Gradius Wiki

The Darius Bydo are four bosses spawned from the Mother Bydo and fought in sequence in the fangame G-Type. Despite the name, the bosses are actually combinations of bosses from Darius series and Gradius series and only the Mother Bydo itself has anything to do with R-Type series. The bosses are only named "Darius Bydo" in-game, so fan-created names which best suit their appearences and abilities are given.

Darius Bydo SpawnEdit

G-Type Darius Bydo Spawn

These almost-cute little guys start life attached to the Mother Bydo, but are soon carelessly flung towards the player where they rapidly grow into the following bosses. They are based on Darius II's boss Bio Strong.


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