Darius has had a variety of cameos on many other Taito titles as well as a few ones in other media.


BreakThru is a top-down run and gun made by Data East in 1986. It features a small cameo of the Silver Hawk in the hanger of area 5.


Ultrabox was a series of PC Engine discs that included a variety of software, including mini-games. The sixth (and final) release includes a Darius parody called Dasaiyas, a shooter where you control a flying sushi chef fighting fish.

Bubble Bobble 2Edit

Bubble Bobble 2 (also known as Bubble Symphony) has a whole world of rounds which are based on elements of Darius II called Sun "A" Zone which has the background of Zone A in Darius II and has two small enemies that appear to be Strong Shell and Killer Higia.

Rainbow IslandsEdit

Rainbow Islands features an entire world dedicated to Darius, entitled "Darius Island".

Space Invaders DXEdit

Space Invaders DX features an exclusive mode called Parody Mode, which replaces all graphics with references from other Taito games. On Level 7 of Parody Mode, the graphics are replaced with characters from the original Darius. The Core Cannon is replaced with the Silver Hawk, while the aliens are replaced with common enemies from Darius. The barriers are replaced with the Electric Fan, while the UFO is replaced with Great Thing.

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