Darius Force (also known in North America as Super Nova) was released for the SNES in 1993.


Taken directly from the game intro:

Since early man first discovered the ability to use weapons, made from the bones of his kill, he has fought for survival. A long time has passed since the war with "Belser" and the names of those heroic warriors have long been forgotten. On this day, history is about to repeat itself.

It's a saga of war and man's perpetual fight for survival.

In the Super Nova version, "the bones of his kill" was replaced by "pieces of wood and stone".

Zones and Bosses

Zones Captains Bosses
Zone A Bio Hazard
Zone B Mudy Crystal
Zone C Mudy Crystal
Zone D Spiral Snail
Zone E Thunderbolt Fans
Zone F Spiral Snail
Zone G Devil Fish
Zone H Peace Destroyer
Zone I Devil Fish
Zone J Stealther
Zone K Stealther
Zone L Zandick II (final)
Zone M Great Force
Zone N Megalopros (final)
Zone O Galst Vic (final)
Zone X
(Boss Endurance Mode)
Bio Hazard
Mudy Crystal
Spiral Snail
Thunderbolt Fans
Ichtyion (Devil Fish)
Great Force

You can enter the Zone X by doing the following: while the Taito's logo is displayed on screen, enter on second player controller Down, X, Up, B, L, R, Left, and A. If you fail to enter this code, the only way to try it again is to turn off and turn on the console (the Reset button will not allow to show the Taito's logo)



  • Darius Force is the only game besides G-Darius that has mid-stage branching paths
  • Darius Force is the first game to give same bosses on alternate zones differing attacks
  • Darius Force is the only game where shot and bomb don't have a separate power up
  • Darius Force is the only game that forces you destroy the boss quickly by using enemies shot bullets around you when you nearly destroy the boss