Darius Gaiden (Japanese:ダライアス 外伝, "Darius Side Story") (arcade promos in North America announced it as Darius III, but never got released with such name) was released for the Arcades in 1994. It was ported to Sega Saturn in 1995, Sony Playstation in 1996, Windows in 1997, and Playstation 2, Xbox, and again for Windows, as part of Taito Legends 2, in 2005. It is a direct sequel to the original Darius.

Background on the Game

It is the fifth game in the series, it however is after the events in Darius which chronologically makes it the third game.


Darius Gaiden is a two-dimensional shoot'em up. The player controls a space ship named the Silver Hawk and must guide it through scrolling stages, destroying enemies and avoiding obstacles along the way. The ship is armed with forward-firing missiles, aerial bombs and a protective force-field, all of which can be upgraded by various power-ups that are dropped by specially-colored enemies when they are destroyed by the player. New to the Silver Hawk's arsenal in Darius Gaiden is the 'black hole bomb.' When fired, the black hole bomb will create a large vortex in the center of the screen, which sucks in enemies and projectiles on the screen for a short moment, until it explodes into a powerful ball of lightning that inflicts massive damage onto every enemy on the screen.

Another feature introduced Darius Gaiden is the ability to capture minibosses, who appear in every stage. Each miniboss has a small, circular ball placed on them that, after receiving enough damage, will detach and float away, causing the miniboss to turn idle. If the player collects the ball, the miniboss will follow and aid the player. After a brief period of time, or the player loses a life, the miniboss will explode.


After an epic battle on planet Darius, the planet seems to whither, forcing a massive emigration to the planet Vadis. However, after much time passed, these immigrants decided to return to their home planet. While their return plans were taking shape, an unknown force began destroying their ports of transit and docking both aerial and nautical.

The destroyers are now chasing after the main convoy of ships (which is presumed to be used in the transporting of people between Vadis and Darius). As the convoy approaches Vadis the evil hands of the destroyers extends towards the Vadis's INS (Immigration & Naturalization Service).

One by one, the attacking enemy slaughters resisting Silverhawk soldiers. Silverhawk is now left with only two planes, and these planes head into battle with the aspirations of it's people in tow...

Levels and Bosses

Stages Zones Captains Bosses
Stage 1: Vadis Base Zone A Deep-Sea Smelt Golden Ogre
Stage 2: Vadis Wilderness Zone B Slug Fish Ancient Dozer
Zone C Slug Fish King Fossil
Stage 3: Vadis System Open Space Zone D Crested Bigscale Folding Fan
Zone E Crested Bigscale Electric Fan
Zone F Crested Bigscale Folding Fan
Stage 4: Dimensional Corridor Zone G Prickly Angler (larval form) Prickly Angler
Zone H Neon Light Illusion
Zone I Prickly Angler (larval form) Prickly Angler
Zone J Neon Light Illusion
Stage 5: Darius System Zone K Valdivia Hoshinonis Fatty Glutton
Zone L Valdivia Hoshinonis Double Dealer
Zone M Titanic Lance
Zone N Valdivia Hoshinonis Double Dealer
Zone O Valdivia Hoshinonis Fatty Glutton
Stage 6: Darius, Part 1 Zone P Sheepshead Wrasse Crusty Hammer
Zone Q Sheepshead Wrasse Deadly Crescent
Zone R Sheepshead Wrasse Crusty Hammer
Zone S Sheepshead Wrasse Deadly Crescent
Zone T Sheepshead Wrasse Crusty Hammer
Zone U Sheepshead Wrasse Deadly Crescent
Stage 7: Darius, Part 2 Zone Z' Vampire Squid Great Thing
Zone V Vampire Squid Risk Storage
Zone W Vampire Squid Vermilion Coronatus
Zone X Vampire Squid Hysteric Empress
Zone Y Vampire Squid Odious Trident
Zone Z Vampire Squid Curious Chandelier
Zone V' Vampire Squid Storm Causer

Darius Gaiden Extra Version

This version of arcade game contains rearranged levels, as well as automatically-enabled auto fire, two extra weapon power levels (bigger wave shot and a bigger red wave shot as well) and an all-stage mode that can be accessed by starting the game in 2P side. To read more on this version including a list of Zones and Bosses, go to Darius Gaiden Extra Version.



All cheats submitted by EmP for the Saturn version

Name of Cheat What to Perform to get Cheat
Abnormal Mode At the main menu, hold X and press Z, C, L, B, Left, R, L. In the option screen there is a new mode called Abnormal mode which changes some of the enemies into disfigured monsters and makes the game very easy.
Easier and Harder Game For a change of pace, hold X and press Z, C, L, B, Left, R, L at the main menu. Two new difficulty settings (Very Easy and Abnormal) will appear.
Extra Credits For an extra 9 credits, press X, A, L, R, Left, then hold L and press X, C, Z, A, Right, Right at the main menu.
Turbo Fire For a much greater rate of fire, hold B and press Y, Right, Left, X, Z, L, R at the main menu.