Zone F in Darius Gaiden is a Satellite (or Historic in Extra Version) Level in the Vadis System Open Space / Stage 3. It only arrives from Zone C, or Zone E if P2 was selected in the Extra Version and leads to either Zone I and J or Zone G in the P2 Extra Version.

Zone L is the Darius Gaiden Extra Equivalent (Not if P2 was selected) to Zone F, in Stage 5, but the Boss music is instead "Burst Out".

While the Design and Boss of Zone F was moved to Zone L in the Extra Version, Zone F in that Version is now equal to Zone S in the Original Version.

The Boss for this Zone in the Original Version is Folding Fan, but stronger and harder than his Version in Zone D, and he is colored Yellow and Purple in this Zone.

While the Boss for Zone F in the Extra Version is Deadly Crescent.

For Both Versions, the Music before the Boss is "Fake", and the boss music is "Axon".

Level Summary (Original Version) Edit

Red Nebulae Edit

Flying inverted on a Moon Edit

Orange Nebulae Edit

Folding Fan (Boss) Edit

See more Info at Folding Fan.

Level Summary (Extra Version)Edit

The LevelEdit

Deadly Crescent (Boss)Edit

See more Info at Deadly Crescent.

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