Zone V' of Darius Gaiden is a Storm (Underwater in E.V) Level in Darius, Part 2 or Stage 7. It can be only accessed by taking the A-C-J-O-U-V' Route and is only from Zone U. It is one of the final stages of the game.

The Boss of this zone in the Original Version is Storm Causer, an Ogrefish like the Golden Ogre, but in comparison, it is much stronger and more powerful.

The Boss for the Extra Version is Risk Storage.

Zone Z' is the Extra Version Equivalent to Zone V', meaning Zone Z' in the E.V is the same as Zone V' in the Original Version and which is coincidentally, on the top of the branching map, the opposite side where it was in the Original Version.

Level Summary (D.G original) Edit

Flying Up away from the Ocean Edit

Near the Storm Edit

Storm Causer Edit

For more info, see Storm Causer.

Darius Gaiden Extra Version (Zone Z') Edit

Zone V' in Darius Gaiden Extra Version is the equivalent to Zone V. It's Boss is Risk Storage, with the same music (Self).

Level Summary (D.G E.V) Edit

*This is the same arrangement of Zone V in the Original Version.

Above the Ocean Edit

Under the Ocean Edit

Underwater Cavern Edit

Risk Storage Edit

For more info, see Risk Storage.

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