Darius II (also known as Sagaia) is the first sequel to Darius and is fourth in the series timeline. The game also continued to use the triple-screen setup used by its predecessor, although some machines ended up being only two screens wide. This game was localized in English as Sagaia [1].


The planet Darius, which formerly boasted a very advanced civilization, has been destroyed. Proco and Tiat escaped from Darius in search of a new world. They started a new civilization on the planet Olga. The descendants of Proco and Tiat happened to pick strange radio waves being emitted from the Milky way galaxy. The strange radio waves were an SOS from the planet Darius where their ancestors used to live. Having discovered the source of the strange radio waves, the immediately boarded the Silver Hawk, whose power had been greatly increased, and took off for the Milky Way. A fierce battle ensued on the planets of the Milky Way and in outer space in order to save the inhabitants of Darius from destruction.

Levels and Bosses

Stages Zones Captains Bosses
Stage: Sun Zone A King Fossil Hyper Sting
Stage: Mercury Zone B Green Coronatus Alloy Lantern, Steel Spin
Zone C Green Coronatus Alloy Lantern, Killer Hijia
Stage: Venus Zone D Fatty Glutton Driosawm
Zone E Fatty Glutton Driosawm
Zone F Fatty Glutton Driosawm
Stage: Moon Zone G Cuttle Fish Red Crab
Zone H Cuttle Fish Red Crab
Zone I Cuttle Fish Red Crab
Zone J Cuttle Fish Red Crab
Stage: Earth Zone K Strong Shell Yamato
Zone L Strong Shell Leadain
Zone M Strong Shell Yamato
Zone N Strong Shell Leadain
Zone O Strong Shell Leadain
Stage: Mars Zone P Octopus Grand Octopus
Zone Q Octopus Grand Octopus
Zone R Octopus Grand Octopus
Zone S Octopus Grand Octopus
Zone T Octopus Grand Octopus
Zone U Octopus Grand Octopus
Stage: Jupiter Zone Z'

Fatty Glutton
Green Coronatus

Mother Hawk
Zone V

King Fossil

Bio Strong
Zone W Cuttle Fish
King Fossil
Little Stripes
Zone X

Green Coronatus

Little Stripes
Zone Y

Strong Shell
Fatty Glutton

Little Stripes
Zone Z Strong Shell
Cuttle Fish
Bio Strong
Zone V'

Strong Shell

Mother Hawk


Darius II was ported to a handful of systems due to its unique widescreen setup.

  • The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive version is mostly faithful to the original game, but is single-player only, allowing the player to select between Proco Jr. and Tiat Young. This port also features an exclusive boss called "Nehonojia".
  • A heavily cutdown version of the game, known as Sagaia, was released for the Sega Master System in 1992. This port of the game is also single-player only and has less stages than the original.
  • An enhanced port of the game, Super Darius II, was released for the PC Engine CD in 1993. This version features new bosses and a new soundtrack.


The only direct port of the game was released for the Sega Saturn in 1996. The original widescreen setup was preserved for this port, which could be zoomed out or in, depending on the player's preference.


Four continues: Quickly press C, R, Right, Down on the start/options screen.

Zone select: Press Z, Down, L, Up on the start/options screen.

Auto-fire: Press B, Up, L, Right on the start/options screen.

Hidden difficulty levels: Press L, Right, Down and Left on the start/options screen. The "Abnormal" and "Very Easy" difficulty levels are now unlocked at the options menu.

Arcade Specifications

  • CPU: 2x Motorola 68000 @ 8 MHz
  • Resolution: 864x224 (three 288x224 monitors)
  • Sound CPU: Zilog Z80 @ 4 MHz
  • Sound Hardware: Yamaha YM2610
  • Note: Uses very similar hardware to The Ninja Warriors, released a year prior to Darius II.