Not to be confused with the game known as Darius+.

Darius Plus is a 1990 port of Darius for the PC Engine, and a "light" version of Super Darius that was released earlier that year. It is mostly the same as the original game, but with music and sound rearranged for the PC Engine's sound hardware, a lower number of bosses, and certain bug fixes.

Plus is unusual for being the only PC Engine game to also have support for the SuperGrafx; the SG can handle sprites better than the normal PCE, so a lot of flickering is removed.


  • Difficulty select: On the title screen, while holding I and II, press Select. Same four difficulties as Super.
  • "Boss rush" mode: The boss rush mode for this game is a separate HuCard entirely! An owner of both Super and Plus would find coupons in the manuals; sending in both would have NEC send you Darius Alpha. As you can probably imagine, this card is very rare. Alpha also has the SuperGrafx support.

Darius Alpha is always on "Normal" difficulty.

Stages and bosses


Zone map from the arcade flyer.

Some bosses were removed, while others were shuffled around; there is a total of 16 unique bosses in Plus. Interestingly, some of the removed bosses were from the original arcade Darius, such as fan-favorite Great Thing.

Stages Zones Bosses
Stage 1 Zone A King Fossil
Stage 2 Zone B Electric Fan
Zone C Electric Fan
Stage 3 Zone D Big Rajarnn
Zone E Little Stripes
Zone F Dual Shears
Stage 4 Zone G Guard Savage
Zone H Red Crab
Zone I Guard Savage
Zone J Red Crab
Stage 5 Zone K Hard Mollusc
Zone L Tough Spring
Zone M Keen Bayonet
Zone N Hard Mollusc
Zone O Tough Spring
Stage 6 Zone P My Home Daddy
Zone Q Mystic Power
Zone R Fire Star
Zone S Mystic Power
Zone T My Home Daddy
Zone U Fire Star
Stage 7 Zone V Green Coronatus
Zone W Green Coronatus
Zone X Octopus
Zone Y Cuttle Fish
Zone Z Cuttle Fish