The Dark Helios is a boss that appears in Dariusburst. It initially appears as a massive mechanical oarfish, but it eventually sheds its outer layer of armor to reveal a golden mecha that resembles a serpentine dragon. Interestingly, this form resembles the Metal Dragon from Syvalion.

Taken from the on Dariusburst

An Oarfish-shaped Flagship. Head of the assault portion of the Belsar Army. Fast and agile, this ship possesses many powerful cannons on it's hard armor. The joints of the ship are also covered by this same armor. The ship itself is said to be so fast that assault on the joints is almost rendered impossible.

Supposedly, the Belsars captured an ancient warship that built over it with heavy armor. If this armor were to be destroyed, the warship would reveal its true form. A form that could potentially cause massive damage to both sides. The unpredictability of this ancient warship gives it more power then any of the other warships in the Belsar army.

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio

  • Name: Dark Helios
  • Motif: Giant Oarfish
  • Type: Special High-Speed Marine Ship
  • Size: 428.3 feet
  • Zone: J (Enemy Mother Star's Atmosphere Layer)
  • Weapon: Burst Cannon (Jaw), Etc.

Stationed in the enemy's mother star, it is responsible of the defense against invading forces. It is a special high-speed marine vessel which carries out defensive action on single units, and the hull is composed of multiple units. Even if the exterior is destroyed, it is capable of keep fighting.

Some unmanned weapon have been taken from the network of Thiima and was turned into a manned aircraft. Because of the golden light leaking from the joint parts, it came to be called "Dark Helios (dark sun god)".


In the original Dariusburst, Great Thing will replace this boss in Zone K. In all other versions, Great Thing will be the boss of Zone L.