Dual Horn is the boss of zone Delta in G-Darius. It is shaped after a spiny lobster.


Area GEdit

For a start, he prepares himself (making the same pose as Tough Spring) to launch 5-way spread shots aimed to your Silver Hawk(s) position, but relatively easy to avoid. Inmediately when he stops firing the 5-way gun, he prepares a worm like laser, trying to copy the Alloy Lantern's lantern. In the meantime, D.H. fires a 7-way spread gun (the bullets are smaller than the 5-way gun's) also aimed to your Silver Hawk(s). While using the 7-way gun, D.H. launches his laser worm. The worm pursues your Silver Hawk(s) making "harder" to avoid the worm and the bullets at the same time (you can pass through the light beam that moves the worm). The worm is still moving when D.H. launches destroyable missiles from his tail.

After launching the missiles and after certain amount of time, the light beam dissappear, letting go the worm that acts from then like a normal G-Darius homing laser and D.H. uses again his 7-way gun.

When D.H: stops firing, he changes his position, placing his abdomen in front of your Silver Hawk's (assuming that D.H. begins on the right side of the screen) and starts launching destroyable missiles. After certain missile rounds, D.H. makes a 360º turn (horizontally from your perspective) to launch 3-round plasma grenades to your Silver Hawk's and surroundings, in order to difficult you the task of avoid them. He do this 3 times.

After that, while still firing missiles he changes his pose and prepares to launch himself like a torpedo from the lower right corner of the screen to the left. After that, he reappears again on the left side of the screen, forming a ring with his body and rounding like a wheel by the extreme sides of the screen in counter clockwise direction. While rolling this way, D.H. launches small bullets, destroyable bullets and lasers that can be easily avoidable. After one and a half lap, he stops rolling and changes his pose, putting his front side in front of your Silver Hawk(s) and his head in the upper right corner of the screen. From his head, he uses a 3-way gun, firing the same type of bullets that the 5-way gun. At the same time, he launches small ships that you can capture with the capture ball.

When D.H. stops firing, he makes the same pose has Tough Spring, but inverted (the tail up and the head down) and from the tail, he charges his alpha beam while firing 3-way small bullets. After that, D.H. launches the alpha beam. And when stops firing, he rams at the four corners of the screen. After that, he changes his pose, putting himself with the head towards YOU (not your Silverhawk(s), but yourself, the controller) and each arm in the upper and lower edge of the screen.


Area HEdit

In this area, D.H. starts the same way as in Area G until the worm laser part. When he uses his 7-way gun, the last rounds are shot faster than the previous.

After that, he launches the plasma grenades the same way as in Area G. When he stops firing grenades, he uses the 5-way gun of the beginning AND a 6-way gun that uses the same type of bullets, switching between one gun and the other.

When D.H: stops firing, changes his pose and extends his arms the same way as in Area G (after shotting the alpha beam). On that position, he launches destroyable bouncing balls that rebound on D.H's arms and a single way shot that uses the same way of bullets as the last guns described above.

Then, he changes his pose in order to launch his capturable ships (see Area G). When no more ships are sent, Dual Horn changes again his pose, and prepares himself for the torpedo like movement as in Area G, with the difference that while preparing himself, he uses his 5-way gun. Then, from the left side of the screen, he prepares and launchs the alpha beam as in Area G.


Battleship InformationEdit


Dual Horn's main weakpoint are all parts except his feet and tail. The tail is an optional weakpoint. If you destroy it, you disarm Dual Horn, but, for convenience, you should NOT destroy the tail since Dual Horn launches his alpha beam from it.

Name's OriginEdit

The Dual Horn's antennas are so large that are like stagbettle horns. Besides, his pliers are not bigger than his arms (not like Dual Shears's arms)