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Eclipse Eye
Appears In G-Darius
Based On Gibber fish

Much of the text and research for this article was provided by User:Tar-Palantir, original on HUGE DARIUS BATTLESHIPS the website

The Eclipse Eye is a Gibber fish and is the first boss in G-Darius.


Only a fish, remember? And the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Eclipse Eye is easy enough in the tradition of Darius bosses. He has lots of lovely bits to blow off, and the more you blow off before he eventually dies, the bigger your score gets. First of all, he opens his mouth and fires several missiles at you. Stand close enough and you can destroy all the missiles before they even leave it. Then come several three-bullet arcs which sort of chase you. A bit of up-and-down weaving should avoid all grief. He then turns so that his body faces you and fires two waves of perfectly destructible bullets. Again, standing at the right spot can blow them all up, but concentrate on knocking the plate armour between the two bullet waves off for points. When that's done, try and hit the eye as much as possible. However, at this point, Eclipse Eye snarls again and unleashes the Area-Different Attack (TM).

This Eye brings up two rocket launcher pods and fires some ugly-as-hell missiles at you. They are first out of your plane and then zoom in. He then snarls again, swings in and out of the plane of attack and sort of charges you. But that was with B's attack; more on that shortly. After the charges, three more missiles, capture one for the Beam exchange. In B, Eye has these wicked (but ugly) spinning blades which he throws out at you. These are scarier to look at and a bit tougher than the missiles of A. Stay as low down as possible, and then move right. He then throws the blade again and fires Orange Shield Thingies which you should capture. At this point for both areas, Eclipse Eye starts to charge up his Beta Beam. You can still hit him with the rapid-fire shot if you are up to it. You can knock out his other eye here if you're careful. The signal to charge up your Alpha Beam is when he raises his head. Then we indulge in some kamehamehaing and, by using the rapid-fire button, you should be able to counter the Beta Beam successfully and it's bye-bye Eclipse Eye.


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