"Unmarked Fish Ahead!"

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Fossil Golem
G-Type Darius Bydo 1
Related To King Fossil
Appears In G-Type
Based On Coelacanth

Much of the text and research for this article was provided by Doc Lithius, on Gradius Wiki and copied with kind permission from Doc Lithius. This page only serves to cover content from the game related to the Darius Series. For additional information on the game, such as other bosses, please go to Gradius Wiki

Fossil Golem is the first Darius Bydo is a hybrid of Salamander's Brain Golem and Darius's King Fossil boss, the body being the King Fossil and the arms coming from the Brain Golem.


With the large, menacing body of the King Fossil, you'd think this boss would be a bit more dangerous than it is. As with Brain Golem, it slowly (read: very slowly) follows you around, its arms reaching out to try and destroy your ship. Similar to the Brain Golem, this version can only be attacked in one spot -- its mouth, and only when it's open.

The arms can be destroyed, but doing so causes it to start spitting out bullets and throwing destroyable fish scales at you.

On Hard difficulty, it spits bullets out when it opens and closes its mouth regardless of whether the arms are intact. The fish scales also become indestructible.


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