G.T.B (Great Thing Black) is a variant of Great Thing. It appears as a final boss on Dariusburst Chronicles Saviour's "Chronicle Saviours" AC mode and CS mode respectively.

Introduction from Darius.jpEdit

A large battleship similar in shape to a sperm whale. It is the final evolutionary form of the Great Thing type battleship and the Belsar army's most powerful battleship. Silverhawk pilots call it "Black Whale" with both awe and dignity.

"Black Whale" is confirmed to exist only at the deepest part of the galactic center's limited base. There has only been a few encounter cases in the first place, and the battle data obtained are few due to the small number of allies who survived.

This ship embodies the ideal type of a single ship invasion which is the basic tactics of the Berser army. It goes without saying about its overwhelming fire power, such as simultaneous shooting of ship-mounted guns, ammunition that never runs out, and a maximum beam gun that even neutralizes burst guns. Compared to V type, continuous shooting of annihilation destructive weapons became possible by improving the burst institution. Overwhelming defense power. The jet black armor that covers the whole body endures the bombardment from any enemy ship. Still, their big bodies are incredibly light and easy to handle, even when maneuvering.

With such features, only Silverhawk units are the only possibility for our army to oppose them. For humanity, salvation may be that the number of confirmed "black whales" is small, and the places of appearance is limited.

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio Edit

  • Name: G.T.B
  • Motif: Sperm Whale
  • Type: Large Battle Command Ship
  • Size: 798.4 feet
  • Zone: Chronicle Mode (6 levels or more)
  • Weapon: Dolphin-type Shipboard machine, Continuous Versus Annihilation Weapon, Etc.

It is the final form of evolution of Great Thing, the most powerful battleship which is said to be the perfect way of single-ship invasions which are the base tactic of the Belsar army. Its pair of annihilation destructor cannon weapons which have become possible to fire by an improvement of the burst core, and the inclusion of the giant beam cannon which can even neutralize the burst gun, can overrun everything.

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