Zone Omicron is the final stage in G-Darius. It is an urban Zone Lambda and it is stage 5E/6 of G-Darius. Set during a thunderstorm, the first half of this stage's background is unique for being completely dark, with only lightning strikes making anything visible to the player. True to Zone Omicron's title, "Grave of Culture", each flash of lightning reveals the ruins of a horribly destroyed city. Later on, for a very short time, the player can also see that a familiar adversary has been watching them...

The boss here is G.T. G.T. is the intials for the battleship, the Great Thing.

Boss BattleEdit

See Great Thing for further information.


The Silver Hawks escape from G.T.'s explosive death, as both ships arrive to planet Darius, the destroyed remains of G.T. are drifting in space. Suddenly a mysterious ship retrieves G.T.'s carcass and heads to an unknown destination.

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