Much of the text and research for this article was provided by User:Tar-Palantir, original on HUGE DARIUS BATTLESHIPS the website

The Galst Vic is a cyborg human. He appears in Darius Force.


Generic spaceship backgrounds is our prelude to the last boss of Darius Force. Then you run into this hooked-up android torso the colour of a kind of salami I can't place right now. Oh, my memory...anyway. Charles de Gaulle is typically covered in a red-blue shield which renders him invulnerable. On the two sloping walls bracketing you, there will spawn (and respawn) little turrets which you've probably encountered seven million times in the course of this game. His first attack is six energy balls of varying which twist and swoop in on you in the neighborhood of the walls. They can also be hidden by the walls, so watch out when his shield drops. His other two attacks are a straight laser from his forehead and a lightningy, weakly seeking laser from his hand. The two walls plus the turrets can constrain your movement a bit, so watch out for the first and last attacks especially.

Eventually he gives up and starts to blow up. The Bacterions should sue. But wait, the scrolling speeds up unfairly, and you have to abuse your joypad/stick/keyboard a bit. If you die now, never mind. You eventually escape from the burning Belser ship. Hooray! Tea and crumpets time! But wait, the T-800's head is chasing you! So The Head of Gaulst Vic uses some nasty lasers at this point. He first fires either straight lasers that turn into the bullet arc you see or vice versa, and then Mode 7s into une grosse tete who fires nasty green balls at you. This is when he takes the most damage.