Grand Octopus
Code Number(S) CA60
Related To Octopus
Red Mist
Appears In Darius II
Darius Gaiden(As Miniboss)
Based On octopus

Grand Octopus is a boss from Darius II. It is shaped after a octopus.

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio Edit

  • Name: Grand Octopus
  • Motif: Octopus
  • Type: Base defense-type battleship
  • Size: 402.0 feet
  • Zone: P (Mars' Remains), others.
  • Weapon: Depth charge (tentacles), etc.

A large battleship protecting the front base at the remains of Mars. Having tentacle-like defense units, its defensive capabilities are high. It has a subspace gate within its body which makes it possible to call smaller ships from there.


Grand Octopus has two phases for his fight. During the first phase, he will extend his tentacles which will track the player while shooting destructible projectiles. After all tentacles are destroyed, he will begin the second phase, releasing small octopi drones from his forehead. These drones will move after player's general direction while shooting bullets aimed at the player. While they can be destroyed, they always come in a large number, making the battle harder if you're underpowered.


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