Green Coronatus
Related To Dark Coronatus
Vermilion Coronatus
Lightning Coronatus
Appears In Darius
Darius Plus
Darius Alpha
Super Darius
Darius II(As Captain)
Super Darius II(As Captain)
Based On Seahorse

Green Coronatus is one of the final bosses in the original Darius. It is shaped after a seahorse.

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio Edit

  • Name: Green Coronatus
  • Motif: Seahorse
  • Type: Assault ship
  • Size: 335.1 feet
  • Zone: W (Space Cave)
  • Weapon: Diffusion particle gun (abdomen), Etc.

The attack ship with the most offensive power of the Belsar army. It stands against the Silverhawk trying to break trough the final line of defense. Its weak spot on its head is protected by a solid composite armor.


Darius, Darius Plus, Darius Alpha, Super Darius, and Darius-R versionsEdit

Green Coronatus will attack by sending homing anchor drones from his head and shooting aimed two-bullet arcs from each of body's segments. He will also fire a straight laser from his tail if you get into horizontal range with the tail. The boss can only be damaged in the head, but the player must destroy the helmet first. The tail is also destroyable.

Sagaia Edit

During the first encounter it will shoot a three bullet arc, laser from the orb located in it's belly and a homing missile from its snout. If you destroy the part of the body that creates the bullet arc, it will begin to shot 2 missiles from snout, a straight bullet from the tail and the belly laser gets replaces by an egg-like orb that flies in an arc

On the second encounter it will use two laser shots from its belly, the usual missile from its snout, a wave shot from its tail and the same old bullet arc which now goes in a wave-like motion. Like before, destroying the source of the bullet arc will make it shoot two missiles, two wave shots and the usual egg from its belly.


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