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Hysteric Empress is one of the final bosses from Darius Gaiden. It is shaped after a spider crab.

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio Edit

  • Name: Hysteric Empress
  • Motif: Japanese Spider Crab
  • Type: Large base-defense battleship
  • Size: 398.6 feet
  • Zone: X (Giant Fortress)
  • Weapon: Highly concentrated energy bubbles (mouth), etc.

A large battleship that protects Belsar's fortress built deep inside planet Darius. In addition to the large number of weapons built into its body, enemies are overwhelmed by the deadly attacks done with its gigantic body itself.


Her Imperial Highness starts things off nastily. From a very visible rotating cannon somewhere in her centre, she sprays spiralling grey blobs which blow up. Not too quickly. While doing this, she ambles across the screen, in a smooth ballet of technology mimicking Life while the blobs get thicker. You have to part-maneuver and part-cut through them; I would suggest a vague zigzag motion but with the fire button jammed. A shield helps, but it's likely it'll be downgraded a bit when you're through. Repeat. She then, if I remember correctly, does this funky arm-waving (probably Belser semaphore for 'my horse has green hair') and then fires off a continous line of lasers with seeker beams for your pleasure too. And if that wasn't enough, she then jumps clear off the screen and always lands right on top of you. My smartbombs were spent on this attack. If you are a less nervy player than me, stay low when the lasers and homing lasers start out, and then dash out to the other side of the screen (left to right and vice versa). This is one of the moments where you wish the Silver Hawk had a Rayxanber-style rapid escape booster.

More funky hand movements and the most unsettling attack I've seen in a long time. Hysterical Empress disgorges or births this bunch of little crabs in shells who then proceed to take the mickey out of you. Etymological jokes about this attack are welcome. The little crabs are quite destructible, but at the same time the laser attack hits you. Eventually, she then starts to produce this huge ball of the same grey blobs as before, and BANG- releases them in a wide spiral. Oh, and the two eye-stalks produce the seeker lasers. By this time they should be blowing up-good for you. This attack cycle more or less repeats itself, though sometimes the little crabs come out during the big-ball-of-blobs attack.