Keen Bayonet
Appears In Darius
Darius Plus
Darius Alpha
Super Darius
Based On Swordfish

Keen Bayonet is a boss from the original Darius. It is shaped after a swordfish.

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio Edit

  • Name: Keen Bayonet
  • Motif: Swordfish
  • Type: High speed attack battleship
  • Size: 374.7 feet
  • Zone: K (Submarine Base), Others.
  • Weapon: Laser cannon (dorsal fin), etc.

An attacking ship possesing a streamlined for, capable of high-speed battle regardless of space or gravity. There are not too many onboard weapons, the backbone laser cannon will be the main weapon.


Darius, Darius Plus, Darius Alpha, Super Darius and Super Darius IIEdit

This fight is very similar to Iron Hammer with the biggest difference being that its weakspot (its mouth) is only vulnerable when it attacks. Its attacks consist of small laser shots from it pectoral (lower) fin, four separate thick laser shot from its dorsal (upper) fin and single fireballs from its mouth (this is the only time you can damage it by shooting at its mouth before it closes it)

All his attacks besides the fireball attack are triggered when you are positioned in front of the bodypart that launches that certain attack. Hopefully, both fins can be destroyed to neutralize the attacks, leaving only the fireball attack to deal with.

Weak point(s)Edit

The main weak point of Keen Bayonet, like most Darius Battleships is his mouth, that can be exposed only when K.B. attacks. You can disarm K.B by destroying his upper and lower fins.

Name's OriginEdit

Keen Bayonet is a swordfish like battleship that has a sword like nose and shots projectiles. Exactly the same thing as a ordinary bayonet.


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