The Lightning Flameberge is a Sawfish. It first appears in Dariusburst.

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For Dariusburst

A Sawfish shaped Flagship. It is known as the "Sword of Light" and is the Flagship for the Belsar Royals that set up base near planet Darius for the invasion. The ship is armed with various lasers. The size was adjusted to handle re-entry, this the hull was not designed for enemy fire, but makes up for it with high attack power. It posses a powerful laser bow, that charges with excess energy from the power core. Therefore, the unit can also function as the Burst gun.

For Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX

Flagship that is similar in shape to the sawfish. code name of "Sword of Light" was given for laser armed are substantial. To supply troops base to be set up in space in the vicinity of invasion planet and is used as a flagship of affiliation. Is progressing refurbishment from most ship that have been identified in the 1900s, anti-aircraft defense capability is up dramatically by a small laser cannon to the entire circumference direction. Lightning Craw type in comparison with the flagship, but inferior to the mobility, depth charges and laser cannon of combination is a nasty attack, there is a need to be careful enough.