One particular and UNIQUE feature on the Darius series is their many fascinating bosses, which are almost always based on Aquatic life. In all Darius Series, when an encounter with a boss is near, it shows a message like:

                                  A HUGE BATTLESHIP.
                  (insert "CODE Nº" + boss' code here if avaliable)
                               (insert boss name here)
                                 IS APPROACHING FAST

The following is a list of bosses featured in the Darius Series, ordered by game. The list is always prepared to be updated when a new Darius game is at hand. The bosses marked with * are NOT based on Aquatic life forms.


Darius II/Sagaia(Sega Genesis)Edit

Darius Plus / Darius Alpha Edit

Super Darius Edit

Sagaia(GB) Edit

Darius Twin Edit

Super Darius II Edit

Darius Force (a.k.a. Super Nova) Edit

Darius Gaiden Edit

G-Darius Edit

Darius R Edit

Darius Burst Edit

Darius Burst: Another ChronicleEdit

Includes all of the bosses from Darius Burst, but some are in different Zones, or only appear in Chronicle Mode.

Chronicle Mode Only Bosses:

† Unknown if it appears in the original DBAC, or only in the EX upgrade.

Darius Burst: Another Chronicle EXEdit

Includes all of the bosses from Darius Burst: Another Chronicle. Some from the Chronicle Mode are now in the Original EX Mode, while others remained, and more still were added that are only in there.

Other Chronicle Mode Exclusives:

Darius Burst: Chronicle SavioursEdit

Includes all of the bosses from Darius Burst: Another Chronicle and Another Chronicle EX, with the exception of Dual Spin, Massive Whip, Blazes Whip and Dreadful Whip.

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