Little Stripes is one of the final bosses from Darius II. It is shaped after an angelfish.

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio

  • Name: Little Stripes
  • Motif: Angelfish
  • Type: General purpose battleship
  • Size: 243.1 feet
  • Zone: Y (Outer Space)
  • Weapon: Wide area energy wave (jaw), etc.

A battleship built using a tropical fish as its motif. It can fire a powerful energy wave which was a weapon used by the original Silver Hawks, and boasts a vast attack range.


Darius II

Little Stripes only has one attack, where he shoots large energy waves. Once his fins are destroyed, he will get more aggressive and shoot smaller energy waves more constantly. However, this boss can be easily defeated by simply attacking him from behind.

Super Darius

Little Stripes has a different attacking pattern in this game which is basically Fatty Glutton's pattern but toned down, as he releases small angelfish drones which detonate in a three-bullet arc.