Massive Whip is a boss from Dariusburst Another Chronicle EX.

Gameplay Edit

Info translated by Farhangustama:

That are similar in shape to Gomafuika flagship.

Laser is fed out from the body attack, direct attack by tentacle, with a variety of attack methods, such as smoke, such as ink. Two long tentacle of the book is to defend against attacks from other enemies, it is possible to capture slow-moving and other warships. Be said that the ship Berusa a rare type of melee combat.

Bullet fired from a ring-shaped light-emitting device, making it difficult to avoid long stays in the field. Spitting out smoke like ink from the center and the accumulation of damage, smoke is a complete change into the darkness around to absorb the photon. Combination with the laser is fired at the same time further guidance, in addition to that there is no threat.

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio Edit

  • Name: Massive Whip
  • Motif: Squid
  • Type: Close Combat battleship
  • Size: 479.2 feet
  • Zone: Chronicle Mode
  • Weapon: Tentacles, Special Smoke Curtain, Ring Circle, Etc.

Battleship with the shape of a squid. It has a variety of attack patterns such as ring-shaped bullets and guided lasers emitted from its beacon lights, with the most characteristic being direct attack with its tentacles and smoke-like ink, which is spewed out from the center or the sircraft when danger approaches.