Mud Wheel is the second boss from Darius Burst. It is shaped after a nautilus.

Website Summary

For Dariusburst

A Belsar Flagship in the shape of a Nautilus. After a suprise attack by Planet Vadis, this ship was made to be the head of the conquered planet Darius. The ship has a body with high strength and wrapped in heavy armor. It is able to attack in many directions at once. Most of the armor sections are built with another turret. The burst gun is built into the central plane.

For Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX

Flagship that is similar in shape to the nautilus. Because it has a shape similar to a nautilus, it is called a wheel series. Features of the series and telescopic work arm, is a retrofit possible heavy armor. Hard Wheel type is missile was the main weapon, Mud Wheel type is mainly equipped with a small laser. By housing the working arm in the body, it can be transformed into a circle. In the elimination round in the phrase planet, it has been witnessed figure advance while rotating the earth's surface.