Mystic Power
Appears In Darius Plus
Darius Alpha
Super Darius
Based On Ammonite

Mystic Power is a boss introduced in Super Darius. It is shaped after a ammonite.

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio Edit

  • Name: Mystic power
  • Motif: Ammonite
  • Type: Local control battleship
  • Size: 298.7 feet
  • Zone: Q (Mountain Area)
  • Weapon: All-range laser cannons (tentacles), Etc.

A battleship for local area control built with the shape of an "Ammonite". When navigating, the tentacles are stored inside the shell, and when it reaches the battlefield, deploy them to go into combat mode.


Mystic Power only has two attacks: shooting yellow crescent waves and sending anchor drones at the player.


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