Neon Light Illusion
Neon Light Illusion
Related To Cuttle Fish
Demon Sword
Devil Fish
Massive Whip
Blazes Whip
Dreadful Whip
Appears In Darius Gaiden
Based On Indo-Pacific reef squid

Neon Light Illusion is the boss of zones H and j of Darius Gaiden. It is shaped after a reef squid.


After making his entrance, Neon Light Illusion will engage the player, his attacks changing depending on the zone.

On zone H, he will swing his tentacles and shoot lots of bullets in all directions. After a while he will swing his two larger tentacles and shoot lasers from them. After the tentacles are destroyed he will remove his shell and shoot yellow homing lasers then a barrage of straight lasers.

On zone J, he will release drones which explode into bullets, then shoot yellow lasers which turn 90° when above or below the player while releasing anchor drones. After enough damage he removes the shell, after which he will shoot a barrage of green bullets which stop mid-air then move after the player, stopping and moving again until they disappear.


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