Prickly Angler is the boss of zones G and I of Darius Gaiden. it is shaped after a anglerfish.


Prickly Angler will come along with a swarm of easily-destroyable anglerfish enemies, but stay and morph to fight the player. During this first phase of the fight he will quickly move around and fire triple lasers, as well as either purple lasers that move in a circle then shoot after the player if you're fighting him on zone G or a salvo of homing missiles if you're fighting him on zone I. After that he will stop in the middle of the screen and fire three times a circular bullet spread which expands and shrinks, then move to the top and fire bullets in an arc below him, then move down and fire the circular bullet spread six times in quick succession. He will then resume his pattern.

After he takes enough damage, he will morph into his final form. He will now constantly move while firing lasers, at the same time as he fires bullets aimed at the player and in an arc, as well as the purple lasers or homing missiles depending on the zone. After firing the circular bullet spread he will stop and charge, then fire a laser beam while moving either up or down following the player. After doing this three times he resumes his pattern.