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Prickly Angler
Related To Alloy Lantern
Super Alloy Lantern
Appears In Darius Gaiden
Based On anglerfish

Much of the text and research for this article was provided by User:Tar-Palantir, original on HUGE DARIUS BATTLESHIPS the website

Prickly Angler is a anglerfish. She appears in Darius Gaiden.


Just some straight lasers from her dorsal fin and head. Then she smartens up and fires a ring of swirly purple homing lasers at you. Not too bad as far as homing lasers go. She will throw in a five-bullet arc as well, this sometimes coinciding with the purple homing lasers. Still not too much to worry about, as you should have some kind of shield on too. The mean things start to happend now. Prickly Angler starts to let out these rings of blue lasers which expand and contract (now fit a Fourier analysis to that In Zone I, these come out with much greater frequency.

After enough stick, Prickly Pear 'evolves' again, temper and everything. In addition to the old attacks, there's a good chance she will welcome you with a sparkling of her crest, followed by a deathly beam. The sparkling should warn you; try the 'move in the opposite direction at the last minute' dodge, or try and weather it by moving in his direction but above (or below) the beam. The first one fires up, the second down. Then come the BIG bullet streams, the three lasers (one fat, two thin), and the nasty kind of purple homing lasers. To warm you up, he will fire the blue laser rings again. Things will get very hairy at this point, but stick it out with or without smart bombs to make it to the fifth tier.


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