Risk Storage is one of the final bosses in Darius Gaiden. It is shaped after a gulper eel.


As soon as he makes his entrance, Risk Storage will begin the fight by shooting bullets and missiles from his mouth, which is also his weak point, and swing his tail, which can be destroyed, all over the screen. His tail will shoot lasers and energy bolts at the player. After a while, he will store energy then regurgitate chunks of junk which detonate into bullets. After the tail is destroyed, he will store energy and spit liquid metal balls which follow the player, all while shooting large energy beams from his mouth. He will spit more junk and energy balls, then spit a row of spinning yellow pieces (much like the ones which compose the body of Neon Light Illusion) that shoot lasers up and down and can be destroyed, as well as centipede-like drones which move around the screen.