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Sagaia Sms cover
Release date EU 1992
Developer Taito
Publisher Taito
Platforms Sega Master System

Sagaia for the Sega Master System is, unlike the Sagaia for Gameboy, a port of Darius II. It has fewer levels then the original version, and very simple 8-bit graphics. It was only released in Europe.

Levels and BossesEdit

Stages Zones Captains Bosses
Stage: Sun Zone A King Fossil Hyper Sting
Stage: Mercury Zone B Green Coronatus Alloy Lantern
Killer Higia
Zone C Green Coronatus Alloy Lantern, Killer Higia
Stage: Venus Zone D Fatty Glutton Drio Sawm
Stage: Moon Zone E Cuttle Fish Red Crab
Zone F Cuttle Fish Red Crab
Stage: Earth Zone G Strong Shell Yamato (if playing as Proco Jr.)
Leadain (if playing as Tiat Young)
Stage: Mars Zone H Octopus Grand Octopus
Zone I Octopus Grand Octopus
Stage: Jupiter Zone J Octopus
Fatty Glutton
Bio Strong
Zone K King Fossil
Cuttle Fish
Mother Hawk
Zone L Strong Shell
Green Coronatus
Steel Spine

External LinksEdit

SAGAIA (Darius 2) faq by Matthew McIntyre

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