Murakumo Silver Hawk Burst
Murakumo Silver Hawk Burst
Pilot(S) Saviour One
Aka Silver-Hawk Murakumo
Related To Silver-Hawk Legend
Silver-Hawk Next
Silver-Hawk Assault
Silver-Hawk Formula
Silver-Hawk Origin
Silver-Hawk Second
Silver-Hawk Gaiden
Silver-Hawk Genesis
Appears In Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours

Murakumo Silver Hawk Burst is a brand new Silver Hawk (the pilot being Saviour One from the Planet Saviours group) introduced with CS Mode in Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours. The ship is based on an old arcade game called Scramble Formation.

According to its introductory mission in CS Mode, the ship is like a combination of the Genesis Silver Hawk with the use of drones and the Next Silver Hawk with a Burst Engine. Using four drones which change shot type depending on how they are positioned, the Murakumo is capable of more in-depth tactics than Genesis and can also use its Burst Beam with any number of drones that will easily counter (like the Alpha Beam) but it does build up energy that can be discharged in an explosion by being able to manually cancel the beam where the Genesis cannot do so.

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