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Space Invaders DX
Release date 1994
Developer Taito
Platforms Arcade

Space Invaders DX is an Arcade game released in 1994 by Taito. It is more or less a port of the original Space Invaders, with a few new features.

The game includes three modes of play:

  • Original Mode: This is a direct port of the original game.
  • Versus Mode: A simultaneous two-player competitive game with split-screen.
  • Parody Mode: It is the same thing as Original Mode, except all graphics are replaced by characters from other Taito games.

Darius referencesEdit

On Level 7 of Parody Mode, the graphics are replaced with characters from the original Darius. The Core Cannon is replaced with the Silver Hawk, while the aliens are replaced with common enemies from Darius. The barriers are replaced with the Electric Fan, while the UFO is replaced with Great Thing.


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