Appears In Darius Force
Based On chameleon

Much of the text and research for this article was provided by User:Tar-Palantir, original on HUGE DARIUS BATTLESHIPS the website

The Stealther is a chameleon. He appears in Darius Force.


You may want to check out the considerable detail with Stealther's lighting effects. During the course of the battle, as the screen scrolls, he will move back and forth, often crowding you. In Zone J, parts of the ceiling will suddenly lower themselves (as it does during Zones J and K). But on to the actual boss. You can hit him anywhere, I think. Stealther's first attack is harmless- his horn which sticks out the most charges up and fires a three-beam cone which goes completely over his head (so stay at its level). He then crowds you, and sticks out his tongue, releasing a kind of mine a lot of bosses here like at the same time.

The tongue attack is quite interesting, especially when coupled with the mines. It encompasses you in a blue bubble which you have to shoot your way out of (a pretty common boss device, actually). This makes you a sitting duck for the mines. You have to be able to move out of the head's way once the first beam is fired. Following this attack, Stealther throws out some missiles from his back. The attacks cycle, though the giving of tongue is not always when you're being crowded. After sufficient time, Stealther shows that he is a bona fide chameleon and, well, hides. You can see his eyes and his outline in general;you can't harm him, but you can crash into him. In the mean time, his missile ports fire out a fancy spiral of straight lasers (curiously proto-manic again) a few times. When he reappears, the attacks continue to cycle. If you've stuck it out to here with a powerful enough shot, he should go down pretty soon now.


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