Steel Spin is a boss from Darius II and one of two possible bosses resident in Alloy Lantern's body. It is shaped after a porcupine fish.

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio

  • Name: Steel Spin
  • Motif: Porcupine fish
  • Type: General purpose attack ship
  • Size: 245.3 feet
  • Zone: B (Surface of Mercury)
  • Weapon: Spinning-type defense pod

An attack ship which deploys spinning defense pods around itself, altough the defensive capabilites to fend of against the Silvehawk inside Alloy Lantern are high, it doesnt have a strong firearm installed.


Darius II

Steel Spin uses a ring of orbs to protect himself, compensating for his low defenses. While his whole body is vulnerable, you must bypass the orbs or destroy them first to damage him. He can spread the orbs to cover a wider area around him and will also attack by shooting his needles, a mouth laser and homing missiles. You can either stay a safe distance in front of him or attempt to get close in order to defeat him faster.

Super Darius / Super Darius II

He hasn't the orb shields and the horming missiles but is "bigger" and (in Super Darius) tougher than before, because the screen size and the speed of bullets makes more difficult the avoiding. You still can shot his body to destroy him.