Super Darius is a 1990 port of Darius for the PC Engine CD-ROM², and the only attempt at an accurate port of the game for many years; it even uses recordings of music and sound effects straight from the PCB! Its other claim to fame is the introduction of all 26 bosses from the original draft for Darius, some of which were earlier seen on promotional material. Some bosses were redesigned and used in Darius II.

A "light" version on HuCard, Darius Plus, was released later in the year. Owning both versions originally allowed you to get Darius Alpha, the boss rush mode for Plus.


  • Difficulty select: On the title screen, while holding Select, press Run. Four difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Professional.
  • "Boss rush" mode: On the title screen, while holding Down + Select on Controller 1 and Up + Run + I on Controller 2, press Run on Controller 1.

Unsure if the two codes can be combined.

Stages and bosses


Zone map from the arcade flyer.

The 11 bosses from the arcade version of Darius are reinforced with the 15 bosses from the original draft, so every zone now has a unique boss. The four bosses marked with a * appeared in Darius II the year before.

The boss rush mode puts you up against all 26 bosses from A to Z. After every fight, you gain a small increase in all three power levels (recharging your shield as well).

Stages Zones Bosses
Stage 1 Zone A King Fossil
Stage 2 Zone B Electric Fan
Zone C Burst Out
Stage 3 Zone D Big Rajarnn
Zone E Little Stripes*
Zone F Dual Shears
Stage 4 Zone G My Home Daddy
Zone H Fatty Glutton
Zone I Guard Savage
Zone J Steel Spine*
Stage 5 Zone K Hard Mollusc
Zone L Alloy Lantern*
Zone M Tough Spring
Zone N Hyper Sting*
Zone O Keen Bayonet
Stage 6 Zone P Driosawm*
Zone Q Mystic Power
Zone R Fire Star
Zone S Iron Hammer
Zone T Buddy Blazer
Zone U Red Crab
Stage 7 Zone V Strong Shell
Zone W Green Coronatus
Zone X Octopus
Zone Y Cuttle Fish
Zone Z Great Thing