Super Darius II is a updated Darius II released for the TurboGrafx-CD in 1993.

The Bosses

The following bosses were the only bosses to return to Darius Series in this game as bosses again.

All the rest are new bosses in the game, and are all exclusive to the title.

Levels and Bosses

Stages Zones Captains Bosses
Stage: Sun Zone A King Fossil Golden Eyes
Stage: Mercury Zone B Guard Savage B-Gaudian
  Zone C Hyper Sting Killer Hijia
Stage: Venus Zone D Big Rajarnn Revenge Shark
  Zone E Little Stripes Revenge Shark
  Zone F Fatty Glutton Deep Dragon
Stage: Moon Zone G Steel Spine Crab Armer
  Zone H Drio Sawm Bald Crab
  Zone I Burst Out Crab Armer
  Zone J Red Crab Bald Crab
Stage: Earth Zone K Flynouo Yamato
  Zone L Strong Shell Leadain
  Zone M Cuttle Fish Yamato
  Zone N Battle Chainsaw Leadain
  Zone O Keen Bayonet Leadain
Stage: Mars Zone P Cary-R Dark Modon
  Zone Q Mystic Power Dark Modon
  Zone R Fire Star Dark Modon
  Zone S Iron Hammer Dark Modon
  Zone T Buddy Blazer Dark Modon
  Zone U My Home Daddy Dark Modon
Stage: Jupiter Zone Z' Dual Shears/Burner Angel Heat Arrow
  Zone V Great Thing Mech. Bio Strong
  Zone W Earzam & Eyen Dart Mech. Bio Strong
  Zone X Green Coronatus Moderato
  Zone Y Alloy Lantern
Hard Mollusc
Mech. Bio Strong
  Zone Z Octopus/Ramy-L Heat Arrow
  Zone V' Electric Fan
Tough Spring