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Twin Metalshell Death Core
G-Type Darius Bydo 2
Related To Full Metal Shell
Dark Darius (Updated version)
Appears In G-Type
Based On Sea Turtle

Much of the text and research for this article was provided by Doc Lithius, on Gradius Wiki and copied with kind permission from Doc Lithius. This page only serves to cover content from the game related to the Darius Series. For additional information on the game, such as other bosses, please go to Gradius Wiki

Twin Metalshell Death Core is the Second Darius Bydo and is a hybrid of Salamander's Death, Gradius III's Big Core MK III, and Darius Twin's Full Metal Shell boss, the sides being that of two Full Metal Shell's.


For all intents and purposes, this boss attacks just like Big Core MK III. When it opens up, the core becomes exposed, but only to fully-charged shots and the Force. During this time, the Full Metalshells fire long lasers high and low while diagonal lasers fire outward, reflecting off the larger lasers. While it's folded-up, it swaggers back, forth, up, and down on the right side of the screen, firing out waves of four small lasers at the player.

On Hard difficulty, more lasers are fired while it's closed and the Full Metalshells slowly close while firing their long lasers, causing the rebounding lasers to bounce inward with each passing moment. However, the Metalshells never close completely, always giving the player just enough room to fly back and forth. There's always enough room for the player to scoot between the rebounding lasers from the start as well.


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