Violent Ruler is a boss from Dariusburst: Another Chronicle, and it also appears in the EX version, aswell as Chronicle Saviours.


This boss is fairly predictable in terms of attacks and order, since it will always do the same attacks, here they are in order:

  1. The boss shoots a big amount of lasers that can't be dodged with ease, unless one is able to go above the boss (in Arcade only).
  2. The boss reveals its belly, and shoots rockets and diamond shots.
  3. The boss cramps itself together, spinning and shooting out beams and laser shots. It will either go on to 4th attack or repeat this once or twice.
  4. It shoots its red burst twice.
  5. It goes below the player, sweeping from left to right and vise versa, and shoots laser shots.
  6. It shoots some beams while doing the same as in the fifth attack.
  7. It does the same as in the second attack, but also shoots a beam from its head.
  8. It tilts on its left side, and attacks with "laser blades" and a bunch of laser shots, being to the far left in the middle is the best way to dogde it consistently.
  9. Shoots 2 red bursts.
  10. Repeats it all in the same fashion.