Violent Ruler is a boss from Dariusburst: Another Chronicle.

Info translated by Farhangustama:

That are similar in shape to Gusokumushi flagship rhubarb. Referred to as the tyrant from its ferocity.

From the height of the unexpected speed and force protection of the outer shell suit in bulk, an electrifying charge of the invasion to the planet. Berusa basic tactics of the original invasion, but there is a single ship, in this flagship has been more thorough, the enemy will be subject to attack even foolish ally.

When you start the activity at once, to stop the movement to destroy all of the area do not. Armed wide range of the laser thick carapace, guided missiles, missiles and large in addition to the small laser cannon. Attack to the abdomen from a height of Defense of the carapace, is concentrated joint that is valid but, special care must be taken to the laser. Rounding the body and accumulation of damage, to release the sword-shaped beam from the carapace. Burst cannon is not a type of long bombardment, has become a type of fire in a short period of is brothers with golden Ruler.