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Zuntata is a band, consisting of Taito developers, which composed most of the soundtracks and music of the games in the Darius Series. They are also Taito's house band.

Band membersEdit

Hisayoshi Ogura (aka. OGR)
Masahiko Takaki (aka. Mar.)
Norihiro Furukawa (aka. Nakayama Raiden)
Yasuhisa Watanabe (aka. Yack.)
Shuichiro Nakazawa (aka. SHU)
Kazuko Umino (aka. karu.)
Tomohito Takahashi (aka. Comoesta Takahashi)
Munehiro Nakanishi (aka. Mu-Nakanishi)
Katsuhisa Ishikawa (aka. Ishikawa Babio)

Past MemberEdit

Tamayo Kawamoto (Composer) - she left Zuntata in 2006 to form Betta Flash together with the singer Cyua.

ZUNTATA's website:

ZUNTATA on Facebook and Twitter:

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